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Review Date: 12/16/2023 | Author: Mark M.

Comments: none

Review Date: 11/22/2023 | Author: James P.

Comments: Alex gave a very reasonable estimate compared to other bids I received. Not the lowest and not the highest. The workmanship in repairing my water damaged siding was first rate. The workers were highly skilled and cleaned up afterwards. They even cleaned my gutters at the end! I am now booking them to replace all my gutters when I paint my house in the spring. These guys are very trustworthy.

Review Date: 08/27/2023 | Author: Edgardo M.

Comments: Great value for the money compared to other quotes.

Review Date: 08/23/2023 | Author: Vincent M.

Comments: Great job

Review Date: 08/14/2023 | Author: Marian C.

Comments: They were able to repair the damage to my gutter quickly with a fair price.

Review Date: 08/07/2023 | Author: Ray K.

Comments: I tried to get contractor/handymen in my area, got all kinds of excuses from "like I don't do ladders anymore" even though their website said siding/roofs. Other local one never responded. A1 replied by email and phone the same day. Next day a rep was here, found more work as I expected. 2 fellows were here the next day and finished all the work. A1 was the only one to show up, told them so and that's why they got the job. They were 70 miles away and showed up, when I couldn't get people here in town to even reply.

Review Date: 07/23/2023 | Author: Ed Z.

Comments: Fair estimate and quick completion

Review Date: 05/08/2023 | Author: Teddy S.

Comments: The are incredibly fast. Estimate to completion in 4 days.

Review Date: 04/05/2023 | Author: Robert S.

Comments: great job

Review Date: 03/28/2023 | Author: Sara S.

Comments: Reliable and efficient

Review Date: 02/18/2023 | Author: Wayne H.

Comments: estimate was reasonable, job was completed in just a few minutes.

Review Date: 11/04/2022 | Author: Jason H.

Comments: Fixed rotten cedar siding, fixed dormers rotten soffits, fixed chimney with cement and damper. Did as agreed and in time while I was away. Would hire again.

Review Date: 11/01/2022 | Author: John R.

Comments: good job. did. has promised

Review Date: 10/22/2022 | Author: Diane & charlie S.

Comments: Alex and Elton were very professional and easy to deal with. Their crew did a wonderful job. We would definitely recommend them.

Review Date: 10/18/2022 | Author: Chris M.

Comments: Great work

Review Date: 08/20/2022 | Author: John P.


Review Date: 02/23/2022 | Author: Michael O.

Comments: Work done promptly and diligently.

Review Date: 02/21/2022 | Author: Linda K.

Comments: We had a great experience and had several things done, including new masonry steps, siding installation, roof installation and repair and roof vent replacement. The work done is excellent and we are very happy with everything they did. Alex did a great job supervising and estimating the project. We would highly recommend A1Prestige and we look forward to working with them again.

Review Date: 02/04/2022 | Author: Mulikat K.

Comments: Alex and his team did a fantastic job

Review Date: 02/03/2022 | Author: Mulikat K.

Comments: Alex was fantastic, he worked well with us in regard to our budget and what we needed done. They were on time and did a good job. Will definitely recommend them

Review Date: 04/30/2021 | Author: Laura S.

Comments: We had a great experience with Elton and his team replacing our chimney and gutters. Responsive, accountable, and on time!

Review Date: 04/22/2021 | Author: Alberto P.

Comments: Thanks

Review Date: 04/02/2021 | Author: John T.

Comments: They arrived unexpectedly. No one was home. They completed the job just as I returned. Price is competitive. No complaints. We just have to wait for the next heavy downpour. At this time, I would recommend these guys.

Review Date: 03/23/2021 | Author: Corey C.

Comments: I would recommend this company.They did everything they were supposed to do . They came on time .They even offered to take their shoes off before they came in the house. The pricing was compatible to other companies in the area .Overall the did an excellent job.

Review Date: 01/14/2021 | Author: Linda C.

Comments: Would Recommend

Review Date: 11/25/2020 | Author: Edward R.

Comments: Very professional and did a fantastic job. Chimney was in bad shape. They inspected and gave a fair price. When they came to do the work everything was explained to me and the owner came to make certain everything was going well. When they finished, they cleaned up so well you could not tell work was done. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who need chiminy work.

Review Date: 09/10/2020 | Author: Christina K.

Comments: After buying a new house, we knew our chimney was in bad shape due to the pre-sale inspection. It ended up being worse than anyone thought (pipes were upside down, nailed and duct-taped together). A1 properly reinstalled all new pipes In record timing and at a reasonable price. They were courteous and professional the entire time. Definite recommend!

Review Date: 09/07/2020 | Author: Kathy B.

Comments: excellent work! Thanks you

Review Date: 08/08/2020 | Author: Tom K.

Comments: A1 Prestige was great. Their repair was done quickly and at a competitive price. Most importantly, they accommodated my very short timeframe as the property sale was scheduled within a week. I would unquestionably recommend them.

Review Date: 07/28/2020 | Author: Kathleen S.

Comments: Very professional and timely

Review Date: 07/05/2020 | Author: Arlene c O.

Comments: A1 Prestige explained the mold on my roof would do in the future. They were experienced, knowledgable.

Review Date: 07/05/2020 | Author: Claudia P.

Comments: Very Professional and Knowledgeable, Highly Recommend

Review Date: 06/25/2020 | Author: Gustavo G.

Review Date: 06/16/2020 | Author: Kathy D.

Comments: Elton and his team listened and did an amazing job repairing our concrete stairs. They were prompt, clean and clearly take pride in their work.

Review Date: 06/13/2020 | Author: Richard K.

Comments: Mike did a top notch job. He is a true craftsman, the repair was better than the original. I would highly recommend Mike and the company for a quality professional job at a reasonable price.

Review Date: 06/06/2020 | Author: Eva Y.

Comments: Although my appointment was rescheduled by A1 Prestige but I am satisfied with the work. I would definitely hire them again for other repairs.

Review Date: 06/04/2020 | Author: Shere B.

Comments: Elton and his team were prompt, professional and offered amazing work! The crew stopped to explain the depth of the problem and reassured me that the additional wood needed would ensure the deck door was sealed! They worked so efficiently that I showed them another project and they will be returning tomorrow to complete that project as well. Both jobs were given to me at a very reasonable rate! especially during the pandemic! Everyone had gloves, mask and were extremely careful to maintain social distance guidelines! I could not be happier with this company! They are the BEST! My deck looks AMAZING! Right in time for the summer! This company is amazing! I'm sure tomorrow's work will be just as amazing as today! Thank you Elton!

Review Date: 06/03/2020 | Author: Sally V.

Comments: they were promp and very concerned that we were pleased with the work

Review Date: 06/02/2020 | Author: Jean H.

Comments: Cx is happy

Review Date: 05/30/2020 | Author: Suzette B.

Comments: They were very informative, but I was hoping for warranty on my job. Said if anything should just call and would return. If I am spending money, I will need it to be covered by warranty.

Review Date: 05/29/2020 | Author: Denise M.

Comments: Although I asked for an afternoon appointment they showed up in the morning. Otherwise they were good.

Review Date: 05/28/2020 | Author: Cindy D.

Comments: Work was scheduled and completed quickly.

Review Date: 05/26/2020 | Author: Warren P.

Comments: Excellent service and quality repair work. They also cleaned up all construction debri

Review Date: 05/23/2020 | Author: Matt B.

Comments: Very good customer service and price. Attention to detail could improve, but overall happy. They will be glad to come back out, and correct anything you don?t like.

Review Date: 05/18/2020 | Author: Tracey S.

Comments: It was well done.

Review Date: 05/13/2020 | Author: Ken U.

Comments: They knew exactly what needed to be done and submitted a lower price than two other contractors.

Review Date: 05/12/2020 | Author: Giuseppe A.

Comments: One little mistake and they over charged me other than that everything is okay. They came over and fixed the problem!

Review Date: 05/10/2020 | Author: Richard H.

Comments: They keep their word. Arrived as promised. They work clean.

Review Date: 05/08/2020 | Author: Emily C.

Comments: Elton and his team did a great job replacing and repairing old wood beams outside of my home. They were very efficient and professional. Will definitely use them again for other projects!

Review Date: 05/06/2020 | Author: Bruno M.

Comments: Elton and his team have done a number of jobs for me and my family over the years. They are top notch. He is always very responsive, gives you a fair estimate with honest opinion on what needs to be done to do the job right. The craftsmanship is always excellent. Highly recommend.

Review Date: 03/30/2020 | Author: Alex F.

Comments: Very good work

Review Date: 03/21/2020 | Author: James G.

Comments: The workers arrived on time, did a quality job repairing my stone steps leading to our backyard and pool area, and also did cement work along the foundation of our home. They were professional, friendly, efficient and took plenty of time cleaning up after the work was completed. Elton gave us a fair estimate of the job, good advice and did not attempt to up-sell us on additional or unnecessary work.

Review Date: 03/06/2020 | Author: Zev F.

Comments: Nothing.

Review Date: 03/02/2020 | Author: John C.

Comments: The technician was on time and even removed the broken siding so it wouldn t cause anymore damage before quoting the price. He quoted a reasonable price and said they would return Monday afternoon. 20 minutes later the company called back and asked if I would like the job done the next day instead. I agreed and the job was completed the next day quickly and professionally. I would recommend highly recommend this company.

Review Date: 02/27/2020 | Author: Jay K.

Comments: no nonsense, cost saving, did the job well

Review Date: 02/25/2020 | Author: Beckett K.

Comments: They were quick and very reasonable. This is the second job they did for us and both were great.

Review Date: 02/01/2020 | Author: Hilary F.

Comments: It was originally a simple job (hammer back a piece of aluminum siding that blew off.) They convinced me to add a bigger job for thousands and I am not sure I really needed that one (chimney replacement). And when they did the chimney, they put white flashing around it. No house had a white flashing in the neighborhood. It did not match. They said , hey why do you want to be like everyone else? Don t you want to be different? I thought that was inappropriate. But they did change it. The job looks nice now. I just wish I could have gotten another opinion. I was initially put on the spot.

Review Date: 01/29/2020 | Author: Elaine S.

Comments: Techs were very polite and came when they said they would. They were very prompt from time of estimate to work completion.

Review Date: 01/04/2020 | Author: Nancy E.

Comments: They came when promised, did a fine job on the project removing 2 skylights and replaced the roof and fixing all the gutters, cleaning up all the mess and were done in just a few hours!

Review Date: 12/16/2019 | Author: Elisa O.

Comments: Reliable

Review Date: 12/05/2019 | Author: Nanda R.

Comments: Elton & crew were prompt and delivered a quality service, I'm happy with the service and highly recommend for their thorough work!!!

Review Date: 11/29/2019 | Author: Kedar M.

Comments: Came at promised time for both quote and the job itself... customer service kept me informed throughout the process... reasonable rates

Review Date: 11/28/2019 | Author: Boris S.

Comments: I am very satisfied with the service provided by this company. The price was adequate. The guys were polite, quick and professional. The repair made (missing side trim on the roof) looks very well and was made in just one hour. I definitely recommend this company.

Review Date: 10/28/2019 | Author: Frank M.

Comments: Very easy to work with. I engaged service remotely from Florida completing transaction by phone. Job completed to my satisfaction, sent me pictures to view. My son-Inlaw subsequently inspected and also approved quality of work.

Review Date: 10/15/2019 | Author: Chuck G.

Review Date: 10/14/2019 | Author: Chuck M.

Comments: Very professional and knowledgeable staff.

Review Date: 10/10/2019 | Author: Michael J.

Comments: Make sure you supervise the work and inspect at the conclusion of the job. I had problems and they came back and took care of it.

Review Date: 10/02/2019 | Author: Russell C.

Comments: The repairs to our foundation exceeded our expectations. The work was completed correctly and looks great. The gutters were also cleaned and repaired. This company is professional and is detail oriented. They arrive on time and clean up afterwards. I would hire them again.

Review Date: 10/02/2019 | Author: Joan C.

Comments: They were very good and conscientious.

Review Date: 10/01/2019 | Author: Joel E.

Comments: A1 Prestige was a delight to work with, they are a no pressure company to work for, and they are never too busy to answer any questions. I will definitely use them again.

Review Date: 09/18/2019 | Author: Nigel H.

Comments: Good person honest!

Review Date: 09/17/2019 | Author: Amy G.

Comments: Alex showed up on time for a consult and was courteous and knowledgeable. They showed up on time for installation and it went perfectly. The crew cleaned up so well. I am extremely pleased with the work, the customer service I received from the office and the exceptional professionalism and courtesy from Alex. Would highly recommend and am looking forward to using them again for future projects

Review Date: 09/07/2019 | Author: John J.

Comments: Adilio did a very nice job on our slate roof repair. He was friendly, courteous, accomodating, and did a quality job. A1 is the best and most trusted of all our contractors.

Review Date: 08/15/2019 | Author: Helen G.

Comments: did great work and communications

Review Date: 08/15/2019 | Author: Lauren J.

Comments: A1 Prestige was very reasonable to work with and we were able to get gutters plus guards for the same price as just gutters at another company. We ended up doing our main house and the carriage house within the budget we had originally set for just one building. The crew was professional and timely, and when our carriage house roof didn't fit with their standard gutter guard requirements, they customized the guards to work for no additional cost. We did notice one small area on a side window overhang where they missed adding gutter guard, but they came back out quickly to finish it up. I would hire them again and would recommend them to others (they were recommended by two coworkers to us).

Review Date: 08/14/2019 | Author: David D.

Comments: they came out the next day and gave me a quote. the job was completed a week later. very happy with results

Review Date: 08/12/2019 | Author: Dale V.

Comments: It was a relatively small job that others did not want to do. They got me a quote the next day and did very good work within a week. Great job.

Review Date: 08/09/2019 | Author: Michael P.

Review Date: 08/02/2019 | Author: Karyn B.

Comments: Everyone was very helpful and professional. They were able to complete my job quickly.

Review Date: 07/30/2019 | Author: Mary R.

Comments: Nothing

Review Date: 07/20/2019 | Author: Bob K.

Comments: Elton came on time for the estimate.Assured me he could do the job quickly. Called Tuesday for them to do the job. They came Thursday and completed the work.Very happy with A-1 Prestige experience.

Review Date: 07/04/2019 | Author: Matt M.

Comments: When they couldn t make the appointment, someone from the office called and rescheduled. That is a lot better than just not showing. There hasn t been a problem with the gutters since A1 cleaned and repaired them.

Review Date: 07/04/2019 | Author: James V.

Comments: They showed up when they said they would, for both the estimate and the work. Explained what would be done, showed me the product options. The estimator Elton noticed an issue which I agreed needed to be addressed. They repaired that as well and matched it to the existing material beautifully, at a fair cost.

Review Date: 06/29/2019 | Author: Mark G.

Comments: Efficient, clean, and courteous. Terrific price for work done.

Review Date: 06/28/2019 | Author: Wendy F.

Comments: Elton and his crew were great. They were on time, worked incredibly fast and clean. A new roof in two days! The office support team was friendly and helpful too! We would recommend them to anyone.

Review Date: 05/30/2019 | Author: Pete M.

Review Date: 05/25/2019 | Author: Xiomara B.

Comments: Excellent company and quality work. Very professional. The technician arrived early to the appointment for an estimate then within 24 hours provided the written estimate. The repair work itself was completed in one day and the technician even sent photos of each step of the process. I highly recommend them.

Review Date: 05/01/2019 | Author: Rachelle P.

Comments: Professional, knowledgeable, on time for appointment and work. Easy and professional customer service support.

Review Date: 04/30/2019 | Author: Jim G.

Comments: Quick response, came on time, repaired the siding in 75 minutes.

Review Date: 04/25/2019 | Author: Anthony W.

Comments: They excellent, came and did a great job.

Review Date: 04/09/2019 | Author: Nicholas K.

Comments: Elton and the Workers were Very Polite and answered all my wife s questions. DEFINITELY WILL USE THEM AGAIN!

Review Date: 03/27/2019 | Author: Walter F.

Comments: Had chimney repaired and sidewalk replaced. schedule was very prompt and accommodating. Handling of concrete a little sloppy. Price a little high but I did not have to use two separate contractors for the two jobs. Office and workers were friendly and knowledgeable. Outlined everything they were going to do.

Review Date: 03/25/2019 | Author: Kevin F.


Review Date: 03/15/2019 | Author: Simon C.

Comments: Honest and upfront. Quality work, reasonable price.

Review Date: 03/06/2019 | Author: David E.

Comments: They were quick and thorough!

Review Date: 02/19/2019 | Author: Paul B.

Comments: they did a good job

Review Date: 02/19/2019 | Author: Roy M.

Review Date: 02/05/2019 | Author: Patricia F.

Comments: They came right out when we were having a problem. They said they would be able to take care of our repair within 2 days, which is amazing. They did a quality job and we are happy with having hired them, when our original roofing company failed to find the problem.

Review Date: 01/29/2019 | Author: O M.

Comments: Reliable

Review Date: 01/29/2019 | Author: Diane C.

Comments: They were quick and neat. They were done in 2 days.

Review Date: 01/28/2019 | Author: Kristin M.

Comments: Elton and his crew took on the major task of repairing our double chimney on a recently purchased home that was vacant for 10 years. There was extensive damage and Elton was able to repair the entire thing in a few days. Not only did his team make our fireplaces safe for us, but he also stayed to make sure we were able to pass the required fire inspections to get us in our new home. We lit our first fire the other night and everything works perfectly. Thank you so much Elton & crew for getting our fireplaces safe and working again!!

Review Date: 01/24/2019 | Author: Michelle R.

Comments: Extremely honest and great work! My kitchen window was leaking through the top frame down the wall. I had several estimates telling me much of the exterior siding had to be removed and reattached which would run me between $1000 and $2400. Enri from A1 Prestiege told me it was a simple job and it olny needed to be caulked and none of the siding removed which would olny cost me $275. After several high wind storm there's been absoutlely no leaking. Very happy. Would definitly recommend

Review Date: 01/18/2019 | Author: Madeline M.

Comments: Repair cost more than twice the estimate but agreed to use them because they were very professional and explained the reason for the difference. Provided pictures of additional damages that required repairs and did not pressure me to complete them. Arrived when promised and cleaned up afterwards. Newly hung gutter and aluminum look fantastic!! Just in time for the icing this weekend so hopefully it will hold up!! Definitely hire them again without any hesitation!!

Review Date: 01/18/2019 | Author: Elaine W.

Comments: Great company to work with. Very customer friendly and reliable.

Review Date: 01/17/2019 | Author: Benjamin G.

Comments: Elton and his crew were great. They were on time, worked incredibly fast and clean. The final product looks great. They were honest and fair.

Review Date: 01/15/2019 | Author: Susan S.

Comments: Quick response..on time every day..polite..pleasant

Review Date: 01/15/2019 | Author: Robert H.

Comments: Very thorough, good work

Review Date: 01/14/2019 | Author: David L.

Review Date: 01/12/2019 | Author: David B.

Comments: Quick response, courteous, quick work finishing the job, on time and just as promised. Very reasonable cost. Would recommend them and will use them again to do another job we're panning in the very near future.

Review Date: 12/30/2018 | Author: Jag S.

Review Date: 12/26/2018 | Author: Greg B.

Comments: The workers were very professional, however it is to early to determine the quality of work . It appears to be very good , I haven't had any rain , to see if I have any leaks.

Review Date: 12/19/2018 | Author: Frankie S.

Comments: They came right away to give a quote. Did the job right away, we're polite, professional and cleaned up after job was done.

Review Date: 12/18/2018 | Author: Jean E.

Comments: The salesman was very informative. The workman was also. But the cost was rather high. Since I can't see the work done on my roof, I'm assuming everything was done correctly.

Review Date: 12/12/2018 | Author: Carmelita M.

Comments: A1 Prestige repaired siding that was falling off of my home. Madeline was very professional and scheduled the work very fast. The two young men that came to my house to complete the work were on time , did an excellent job with the repair although it was cold and once they finish the area was clean. I would definitely hire this company again and the price was the best quoted for the work. Highly recommend.

Review Date: 12/08/2018 | Author: Matthew C.

Comments: They were prompt, offered a great value, and had excellent communication throughout the process. Highly recommended.

Review Date: 11/09/2018 | Author: Lucas P.

Comments: very professional and on time

Review Date: 10/24/2018 | Author: Gail G.

Comments: Chimney Cap was installed per quote. Courteous crew!

Review Date: 10/19/2018 | Author: Elaine T.

Comments: After getting a few quotes they were the best price and available quickly...other companies were 4wks out to complete the project... he was in-and-out in 4 hours replaced my fireplace Box and cleaned the chimney! Very professional!!

Review Date: 10/16/2018 | Author: John M.

Comments: Felt very comfortable hiring this company. Speak to Enri when asking for a quote.

Review Date: 10/15/2018 | Author: C. M.

Comments: Very professional and courteous.

Review Date: 10/13/2018 | Author: Nancy M.

Review Date: 09/20/2018 | Author: Joe C.

Review Date: 09/03/2018 | Author: Frank M.

Comments: They did a good job. The crew were friendly and answered all of my questions. I would hired them again if I needed roof work.

Review Date: 08/24/2018 | Author: Yury A.

Comments: Great timing and job. Very happy with the result. The guys that came did a great job. Thanks

Review Date: 08/23/2018 | Author: Felix G.

Comments: My friends

Review Date: 08/21/2018 | Author: Steve D.

Comments: They responded well to my concerns and left me completely satisfied.

Review Date: 08/19/2018 | Author: Julian A.

Comments: Thank you Erni! He and his crew they did a great job, right on time and installation of my gutters were fast with no problems. Highly recommended, again thank you for the installation of my new gutters.

Review Date: 08/18/2018 | Author: Cathy E.

Comments: Guys were friendly, efficient, and took caret cover the floor before they began work. gave advise on what else needed to be done and gave quote at that time.

Review Date: 08/18/2018 | Author: Marisa C.

Comments: The job was done quickly and price affordable I recommend to my sister and she was happy to. thanks Home Advisor for the great job finding this company

Review Date: 08/15/2018 | Author: Saundra G.

Comments: They’re very friendly to work with and the get the job done.

Review Date: 08/06/2018 | Author: John C.

Review Date: 08/04/2018 | Author: Jose T.

Comments: They came as promised, worked thru the rain and completed the job in one day. I liked their work and effort so much I hired them to replace the front stoop

Review Date: 07/16/2018 | Author: Chang P.

Comments: Polite, reasonable price and thorough gutter cleaning

Review Date: 07/15/2018 | Author: Melissa S.

Comments: This company is very professional, punctual, and have great customer relations. We are very satisfied with the work and will only call them. I highly recommend them. They are honest and straightforward. Their workmanship is excellent and the job will get done right.

Review Date: 07/14/2018 | Author: David O.

Comments: Did the work that they promised in the time they said.

Review Date: 07/11/2018 | Author: Georgia F.

Comments: I had a section of my gutter come down due to a rotted section of fascia. Enri was professional, the guys on the job were polite, worked hard, and cleaned up after themselves perfectly. The job was rescheduled twice due to weather issues. The one issue that I was unhappy about was that on the day the work was done Enri told me he could not reuse the gutter helmet from the old gutter and he would have to charge me an additional $540 if I wanted a new leaf guard. I am retired and I was very specific about wanting to be sure I new what the entire cost would be in advance.

Review Date: 07/06/2018 | Author: Susan S.

Comments: would definitely recommend

Review Date: 07/06/2018 | Author: Mark B.

Comments: This company quoted the job . When we were ready about a week later I called and they put together a simple statement of work and asked for a deposit. Their team arrived on the day they were to start after purchasing material for the job. The two workers worked through the heat to finish the first job and the second job was finished the next day in between the rain showers. Over all work was completed on time and everything was cleaned up.

Review Date: 07/05/2018 | Author: Paul D.

Comments: Made it super easy and quick for me to get my gutters cleaned. Great value.

Review Date: 07/03/2018 | Author: Allan S.

Comments: Work was performed on Schedule, cleanup was great when they finished the project. Finished work looks graet. Absolutely no issues at all.

Review Date: 07/03/2018 | Author: Penelope H.

Comments: They were fast and professional

Review Date: 07/02/2018 | Author: Susan S.

Comments: they showed up the day they said they would.

Review Date: 06/30/2018 | Author: Harish P.

Comments: He finished the job on time and the price quoted was very reasonable.

Review Date: 06/25/2018 | Author: Vicki R.

Comments: Very professional and clean. This could have been a messy job, but the techs took care to keep it neat.

Review Date: 06/23/2018 | Author: Steven M.

Comments: Honest, excellent work and price.

Review Date: 06/20/2018 | Author: Gizelle D.

Comments: Very good service. Clean, efficient, and on-time. I would recommend them to a friend.

Review Date: 06/20/2018 | Author: Dorris F.

Comments: Very good customer service both from the office and the contractors. The contractors were courteous and efficient. There was no mess and nothing to clean up afterward.

Review Date: 06/18/2018 | Author: Dennis M.

Comments: Very professional and prompt.

Review Date: 06/14/2018 | Author: Rosemary P.

Comments: Due to the rainy weather my project was delayed. The full job was not explained to the worker, he was to replace an attic vent that was broken off & remove the plywood that was covering it. He didn't remove the plywood at first & had to go back up ladder to remove plywood. I paid for this job by credit card & was told I would be called to see if job was ok before any charges were placed on credit card, I did mot receive a phone call. Work seems to be fine despite these minor things.

Review Date: 06/09/2018 | Author: Dennis and B.

Comments: Great company to work with...

Review Date: 06/08/2018 | Author: William F.

Comments: Good job

Review Date: 06/07/2018 | Author: Ric K.

Review Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Dawn S.

Comments: Very professional, job was completed in the time frame I needed and was notified when the crew would be arriving. Highly recommend

Review Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Keith F.

Comments: Very professional and efficient.Responded quickly and gave a estimate which was very reasonable.

Review Date: 06/02/2018 | Author: Peter j N.

Comments: Fair price fast turnaround good quality

Review Date: 05/25/2018 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Good

Review Date: 05/13/2018 | Author: Linda K.

Review Date: 05/10/2018 | Author: Thomas F.

Comments: Excellent communication from business. When crew came out they were professional and thorough. Would definitely use them again.

Review Date: 05/10/2018 | Author: Jim G.

Comments: very nice crew only issue if any was they came later than projected

Review Date: 05/08/2018 | Author: Bill L.

Comments: Totally professional. 3 men turned up on time. Quickly assessed the work to be done and got on with it. Completed job and removed all debris. Looks good, a job well done.

Review Date: 05/05/2018 | Author: James D.

Comments: They came out within a day and gave me a free estimate with multiple different options. They came back two days later to complete the work, showed up when they said they would, repaired my stone and brick steps and were immaculate... Very personable and professional!!! Fantastic result!!!

Review Date: 05/04/2018 | Author: Robert D.

Comments: They called to set up a quote. Came on time and scheduled the work. showed up on time completed, the work neatly and quickly. Did a great job for the money. Would definitely use this company for other repairs.

Review Date: 05/02/2018 | Author: Gary H.

Comments: Alex restored side of house after storm damage. He noticed a few other issues and repaired them as well, at the agreed on price. He was prompt, polite, and knew what he was doing.

Review Date: 05/01/2018 | Author: Jean C.

Comments: I used them a second time, he showed up on time and waited out the rain then proceeded to do the project and Adilio did a great job. Very pleasant and personable. Was happy to use a second time. Dated 08-13-2020

Review Date: 04/24/2018 | Author: Susan Q.

Comments: Expensive, but did a good job; came right away as promised.

Review Date: 04/23/2018 | Author: Vishvas K.

Comments: Great and quick turnaround.

Review Date: 04/17/2018 | Author: Paul D.

Comments: The work crew was professional and congenial and cleaned up after their work was completed. We have used them since this first job and feel that we have placed our roof in good hands.

Review Date: 04/11/2018 | Author: Michael D.

Comments: I hired these guys to repair my fireplace and fix the damper. They were a fractious n of the cost of others. They did a great job.

Review Date: 04/06/2018 | Author: Joe S.

Review Date: 04/05/2018 | Author: Susan E.

Review Date: 03/29/2018 | Author: Ron T.

Comments: A1 Prestige was professional and very fast in completing the repairs to my house. Highly recommended.

Review Date: 03/27/2018 | Author: Phil D.

Comments: They made sure I was satisfied with the work.

Review Date: 03/27/2018 | Author: Lester M.

Comments: Very prompt courteous service. They took time to explain the needed repair and sent pictures (before and after) to help with the insurance claim. I highly recommend them and I would use them again

Review Date: 03/25/2018 | Author: Suzanne K.

Comments: Prompt call, followed up, did a good job in line with our budget

Review Date: 03/23/2018 | Author: James H.

Comments: Had damage to my house after a storm. They called me and were there the next day. The work was performed promptly and my use them for additional work around my house.

Review Date: 03/18/2018 | Author: Deborah M.

Comments: They were on time and were able to make the repair that day, to my satisfaction. Price was reasonable.

Review Date: 03/16/2018 | Author: George O.

Comments: Work was done on time and as promised

Review Date: 03/11/2018 | Author: Sunny K.

Comments: They came promptly on time, fixed the siding, and the cost was reasonable.

Review Date: 03/10/2018 | Author: James S.

Comments: Was fast to respond and gave a quick free estimate and completed the job quickly. They were very professional and used top notch quality materials.

Review Date: 02/28/2018 | Author: Mike A.

Comments: He was a very nice guy!

Review Date: 02/22/2018 | Author: Justin R.

Comments: The team was able to work with my schedule and help to prioritize must dos vs nice to haves. I liked their work so much that I had them do a walk-through of the remainder of the house to see what other projects they could assist. They have been incredibly responsive and flexible when planning and executing projects.

Review Date: 02/15/2018 | Author: David L.

Comments: Showed up on time cleaned and inspected chimney and firebox. great job no mess and will use them again.

Review Date: 02/14/2018 | Author: Rick B.

Comments: was good and on time and price was right

Review Date: 02/11/2018 | Author: James D.

Comments: did a grest job securing my chimney and fixing skylight leak

Review Date: 02/07/2018 | Author: Florence M.

Comments: They were awesome!

Review Date: 02/06/2018 | Author: David L.

Comments: Elton is extremely courteous and professional. I received a phone call from Elton Saturday morning after I put in a request on home advisor for a leaking chimney they came out the same day and had it fixed within 2 days and I am pleased with the work and the up most care taken. Will most use them again to repair any chimney problems and roof needs in the future,

Review Date: 02/02/2018 | Author: Moshe M.

Comments: Elton was courteous and he made it clear he wanted the job.

Review Date: 01/27/2018 | Author: Charles W.

Comments: I am selling my home and during the home inspection a large piece of siding blew off the house and was destroyed. I had extra siding so I called A 1-Prestige and they advised they could have a crew there in a few hours. It was a small job but the price was fair and they did a great job. It was pleasure dealing with true professionals.

Review Date: 01/23/2018 | Author: Kimberly W.

Comments: I was in the process of buying a house and needed a chimney sweep. The house I was purchasing failed the town co.It needed to pass within a week. This company was out the next day to take care of the failed chimney. Very fair price and did a great job

Review Date: 01/15/2018 | Author: Brian D.

Comments: I hired A1-Prestige for my roof, fireplace restoration and heating chimney cleaning and repair. ALL of this work was done very professionally and quickly. The price was fair and the work was thorough. Because the job was accurately thought through, everything was considered and there were no add ons or extra costs. And for a roofing company to do an immaculate clean up job so close to the ocean, I highly recommend for Bradley Beach. They did a great job.

Review Date: 01/11/2018 | Author: Jon C.

Comments: Very responsible company. Immediate response to my inquiry and provided an estimate of the repairs. Quickly scheduled the work with crew arriving as stated. Just a little concerned that that were not aware of the details related to the area inspected by owner. Also did not know if the 10% credit which was stated on their website was applied. Very polite professional crew.

Review Date: 01/11/2018 | Author: Sabine P.

Comments: Great company!

Review Date: 01/06/2018 | Author: Keith A.

Comments: Great group of guys to do business with, very happy.

Review Date: 01/06/2018 | Author: Eric J.

Review Date: 12/29/2017 | Author: Verna M.

Comments: Job done. Nicely

Review Date: 12/27/2017 | Author: Stephanie H.

Comments: They came right away and did the repair for a very fair price. Will be working with them again on other projects.

Review Date: 12/24/2017 | Author: Joe F.

Comments: Very reliable contractor which can be a challenge to find one in NJ

Review Date: 12/22/2017 | Author: Mary ann B.

Comments: Crew came on time, job was complete within 2 hrs. hopefully it is done correctly, but since it involved my chimney on the roof I have no way of checking. I will know if it is done the first time it rains since that is what alerted me to the damage.

Review Date: 12/22/2017 | Author: Miriam C.

Comments: Easy to work with.

Review Date: 12/22/2017 | Author: Bryan C.

Comments: They did the job and were reasonably fast.

Review Date: 12/16/2017 | Author: Rohit K.

Comments: Came on time and did a nice job.

Review Date: 12/03/2017 | Author: James S.

Comments: Fast and courteous service

Review Date: 12/01/2017 | Author: Anne-marie H.

Comments: A1 came to give me an estimate and performed the job right then and there. Brendan was professional and efficient, and did quality work. In fact, I will be hiring them again for another project soon! Highly recommended!

Review Date: 11/29/2017 | Author: Ron M.

Comments: Came out gave a very reasonable quote for the scope of work and completed as committed. Would hire again in the future if the need arises

Review Date: 11/28/2017 | Author: Leon S.

Comments: Prompt &professsional.

Review Date: 11/27/2017 | Author: Edson A.

Comments: Very good service

Review Date: 11/26/2017 | Author: Michael W.

Review Date: 11/26/2017 | Author: Les M.

Review Date: 11/25/2017 | Author: Brian C.

Comments: On time, repair was done quickly.

Review Date: 11/24/2017 | Author: Frank G.

Comments: Easy to schedule and high quality of work

Review Date: 11/21/2017 | Author: Mark M.

Comments: Brendan responded immediately, gave a fair estimate and showed up to do the work when he said he would. He charged exactly what he quoted and there were no surprises. He was personable, efficient and tidy. Would definitely recommend A1 Prestige!

Review Date: 11/20/2017 | Author: Harold S.

Comments: Great customer service. They came within hours and completed the job immediately. Quality work and reasonable price.

Review Date: 11/19/2017 | Author: Jose R.

Comments: They did an excellent job and they were on time.

Review Date: 11/19/2017 | Author: Joe D.

Review Date: 11/07/2017 | Author: Dave R.

Review Date: 11/06/2017 | Author: Gary S.

Comments: Quick and efficient.

Review Date: 11/02/2017 | Author: Eliz B.

Review Date: 10/29/2017 | Author: Joan P.

Comments: They came when expected and there work was fast and accurate

Review Date: 10/27/2017 | Author: Scott T.

Comments: No issues

Review Date: 10/25/2017 | Author: Chris N.

Comments: On time, work done quickly, clean accordingly after the job and reasonable price. I had my chimney cleaned and ready for the winter with my fireplace.

Review Date: 10/24/2017 | Author: Dawn A.

Comments: Work was done well and quickly from time of estimate. Thanks!

Review Date: 10/22/2017 | Author: Thomas K.

Comments: Excellent quality and value

Review Date: 10/22/2017 | Author: Janine C.

Review Date: 10/21/2017 | Author: Albert M.

Comments: I liked him so much I hired them again for another job.

Review Date: 10/19/2017 | Author: Robert S.

Comments: Arrived on schedule to provide the estimate, and stuck to it when the job was completed. Professionally handled the installation of a new chase cover and lleft the work area spotless.

Review Date: 10/14/2017 | Author: Al C.

Comments: Showed up on time and stayed until the job was complete and the debris was cleaned up. Enough workers to do the job efficiently and to give assistance as needed.

Review Date: 10/11/2017 | Author: Marie F.

Comments: Very knowledgeable and professional.

Review Date: 10/11/2017 | Author: David & rochelle W.

Comments: Elton was professional and very pleasant to work with. His crew arrived at our home on time, pleasant, professional and cleaned up the entire property after each work day. We had roofing and siding on our home installed and they did an expert job. I would recommend Elton and his crew 100 percent. Our home looks beautiful. Rochelle and Dave Toms River, New Jersey

Review Date: 10/10/2017 | Author: Andre F.

Review Date: 10/09/2017 | Author: Andrew D.

Comments: They did good.

Review Date: 10/06/2017 | Author: Jay S.

Comments: The company is very professional. They came exactly when the said. Did the job in a timely manner. Cleaned up like they were never there. Would use them Again

Review Date: 10/05/2017 | Author: Nick D.

Comments: Elton was very prompt and very relaxed. Not in a hurry to push a sale. He showed when he said he would be here. After my wife and i discussed the need, we called him back for a final estimate and signed the contract. Gave a deposit and scheduled the work within 2 days. The three workers showed up on time, were very pleasant and very neat and clean with their work. They did exactly as was drawn up and finished in a timely manor. An absolute pleasure doing business with the company and their employees. I will highly recommend at any time. Also gave me tips on the use of the fireplace as a first timer.

Review Date: 10/04/2017 | Author: Michael O.

Comments: Very reliable. ...very detailed. ...excellent. Job

Review Date: 09/29/2017 | Author: Marlene R.

Comments: Very prompt, very efficient, very courteous

Review Date: 09/26/2017 | Author: Michael L.

Comments: Showed up for the estimate as scheduled. Agreed on a fair price and repair date. The crew showed up on time and completed work fast and with quality work. I would hire these guys again when needed

Review Date: 09/26/2017 | Author: John B.

Comments: They were professional

Review Date: 09/21/2017 | Author: Veronica L.

Comments: job well done

Review Date: 09/13/2017 | Author: G k V.

Comments: Arrived On time to give an estimate for the job and came on time to clean the gutters and did a good job. would recommend A1 prestige services

Review Date: 09/12/2017 | Author: Jack D.

Comments: He was very nice well dressed professional marvelous honest.

Review Date: 09/08/2017 | Author: Annette F.

Comments: The staff's attention to detail, customerservice and overall ability to sense the requirement of a particular project is exceptional.

Review Date: 09/08/2017 | Author: Don R.

Comments: Well on time

Review Date: 09/06/2017 | Author: Nancy G.

Comments: Overall I had a good experience. I think pricing was a bit high for the type of repair I had done. They had to come back to repair something they did, I actually thought I'd never see them again, but they did return and fix it. Friendly and worked quick. I'd use them again- but hope for a lower price.

Review Date: 09/03/2017 | Author: Antonio L.

Comments: The owner came over within a couple of hours from my first call. The price was below my expectation. I hired them for the job. I asked to look at the chimney while he was there, he said it needed I got them repair it. We scheduled a day, and all was completed in one day. Workmanship & service was exceptional. I definitely would hire them again.

Review Date: 09/03/2017 | Author: Tom C.

Comments: Very professional Responded to my request for a quote within 15 minutes and the job was complete 24 hours later...the crew who did the work was very knowledgeable, neat and cordial

Review Date: 08/30/2017 | Author: David A.

Comments: Excellent service, Elton was the only one who actually went up on my roof and inspected everything before giving me an estimate. The rest of the crew were very respectable and polite and did a great job.

Review Date: 08/30/2017 | Author: Gina I.

Comments: Professional and very reasonably priced!

Review Date: 08/29/2017 | Author: Barbara M.

Comments: Reliable, spoke English well and seemed sincere/honest.

Review Date: 08/28/2017 | Author: Bill K.

Comments: Very professional. Communication, clean up, great quality

Review Date: 08/28/2017 | Author: Silvina G.

Comments: They were on time, professional and pleasant to deal with. I won't know if job was well done until it rains. I'm sure they fixed the chimney leak but I cannot comment on this until its tested. The price could have been lower especially for the cleaning. They used a shop vac and took less then 5 minutes. However, if the job was done well on the leak, then it was worth the money. I do appreciate the fast service and good customer service.

Review Date: 08/23/2017 | Author: William Z.

Comments: They started and completed on the same day and did a great job.

Review Date: 08/23/2017 | Author: Steve T.

Comments: Great job done, Great price, Easy to deal with and shows up on time! Would Highly recommend!! Thanks Guys!!

Review Date: 08/17/2017 | Author: David D.

Comments: They were responsive and diligent about their work. They were lowest price of three quotes. The work area was left clean when they left.

Review Date: 08/13/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Company needed to come out twice to clean the gutters adequately, but they did so without compromise and with a smile.

Review Date: 08/12/2017 | Author: Mike S.

Comments: I had a few issues with the installation--not wrong, but not exactly what I wanted. When informed, the response was excellent. An installation team arrived and not only corrected what I wanted, but improved the overall installation. They did excellent work, beyond what I asked.

Review Date: 08/08/2017 | Author: Charles F.

Comments: Very prompt, worked efficiently, very courteous people, highly recommend

Review Date: 08/07/2017 | Author: Babu K.

Comments: These guys are responsive and prompt, a rarity in this business category.

Review Date: 08/05/2017 | Author: Wayne S.

Comments: They performed the work without flaw and were easy to deal with

Review Date: 08/05/2017 | Author: Robinson K.

Comments: John was able to provide a competitive quote and get his team over to get the done within the week. He was professional and addressed the needs for my home. The job was completed in one day even through a thunderstorm. Thank you and will be a return again customer.

Review Date: 08/03/2017 | Author: Eladio T.

Comments: nlk jgjg 'k;op

Review Date: 08/01/2017 | Author: Ryan L.

Comments: Elton is fantastic! Responsive, helpful, and exactly what you want. You should hire him right now!! He personally came over to ensure the work was done correctly, and put a lot of effort into getting all of the gutters completely unclogged.

Review Date: 07/31/2017 | Author: Jimmie G.

Comments: Reliable and great to deal with

Review Date: 07/30/2017 | Author: Diana R.

Comments: Update. After having a big downpoured,no wetness was visible in the ceiling, all was dry. I am fully satisfied with the work that was done.

Review Date: 07/26/2017 | Author: Virendra S.

Comments: Very professional and quick to respond to any special situation.They are genuinely looking for new business.

Review Date: 07/22/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very friendly, easy to contact with any questions or concerns

Review Date: 07/20/2017 | Author: Barbara R.

Comments: Elton runs an amazing company. Our chimney had multiple water cracks and we later discovered our furnace piping had never been maintained. (Who knew there were two pipes up one chimney?) Elton was impressive from the first meeting to the final follow-up. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Refreshing to have someone like him doing this work. AND, he repaired a gutter while he was on the roof!!!

Review Date: 07/16/2017 | Author: Mark Z.

Comments: Very professional came on time did all the work plus did more work and didn't change me more.Defiantly will recommend to my friends and family.

Review Date: 07/15/2017 | Author: Pat E.

Comments: Needed to have siding repaired. The first call from Elton all went smoothly . They were prompt, courteous, price reasonable and job completed on time. I would definitely call them again .

Review Date: 07/10/2017 | Author: Jack M.

Comments: The quote was fair. The work was completed is a short period of time.

Review Date: 07/07/2017 | Author: Pete R.

Comments: Good excellent work clean all debris reasonable price workers very pleasant and polite with highly recommend this company

Review Date: 07/01/2017 | Author: Denise D.

Comments: I wish I could give more than 5 stars. We chose this company after speaking with Elton, thoroughly impressed. Initially it was a siding repair but I ended up adding on new gutters, some roof repairs, more siding issues, and they even trimmed some trees too close to our house. Very professional, extremely quick to come out ( I started looking for contractors Monday, A1 completed the project by Saturday) thorough, very well priced, detail oriented, and friendly. I trust them which is worth a lot in and of itself. Elton was a pure joy to work with. Only downfall? They only do work outside of the house. Darn! Highly recommend!

Review Date: 07/01/2017 | Author: Julie C.

Comments: They arrived to complete an estimate, and they were back Thursday to start and finish roof and attic fan. Very fair price and very professional and clean! highly recommend them.

Review Date: 06/28/2017 | Author: Darnell B.

Comments: On time & professional

Review Date: 06/25/2017 | Author: Nehru S.

Comments: they were very professional

Review Date: 06/24/2017 | Author: Abraham C.

Comments: The company was very professional and I would recommend this company to anyone.. A

Review Date: 06/24/2017 | Author: Sam S.

Comments: Great Price, knowledgeable, on time.

Review Date: 06/22/2017 | Author: Michael R.

Review Date: 06/21/2017 | Author: Glisson I.

Comments: A1 Prestige was very professional. Repaired and replaced the damaged siding and roof in less than a week after providing the free estimate. Workers took the time to finish the job properly and of high quality. Very trustworthy.

Review Date: 06/12/2017 | Author: Rebecca M.

Comments: I would recommend A1 Prestige to anyone. I called with a small but emergency project, and not only did I get connected with the owner immediately, He was able to come out less than two hours later on a Friday afternoon and he fixed the problem in just a few minutes. He was courteous and kind, and left no mess or anything. I felt his pricing was very reasonable as well. Thank you A1 Prestige for helping us out in a bind!

Review Date: 06/09/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very professional, polite and on time. The quality of work was excellent.

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